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About Me



Meet Libby George

Libby’s life philosophy is grounded in the belief that once you know the truth, it will set you free.

Life is a journey of discovery and sometimes our belief system creates health problems. How we are raised, our traumas and our lifestyle all contribute to who we are. Libby’s approach is to unpack the story of your life and identify the patterns that make you who you are.
With this she empowers others to transition and transform from disease to wellness, enhancing the quality of people’s physical health, as well as mental and spiritual health; helping identify the root causes of issues to then resolve them in a holistic, safe and effective way.

After a full and hectic career as a broadcaster in the world of television while living in Hong Kong in the 1980’s, Libby returned to New Zealand to complete her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and established a health clinic in her favorite part of the world – The Coromandel Peninsula.

Having now successfully owned and operated 2 health and well-being clinics over the past 25 years, Libby has worked with thousands of clients to manage and heal the stress pattern, digestion, sleep, hormone issues, weight loss, immunity, muscular skeletal injuries, mental health issues as well as issues of the soul and spirit. Libby’s brief is “we are a whole being”, not just a physical or mental being. Often what is at the core of our issues is embedded in our soul…we need to go there to heal.

Alongside her TCM training, Libby’s personal healing journey resulted in her spending time studying Christian theology and Spiritual Healing Practice. Following this she set up a charity and took several teams of trauma counselors to Rwanda to teach leaders trauma techniques following the genocide of 1994. Her pursuit of truth included studying inner healing at Bethel church healing rooms and sozo training, allowing her to bring a combination of these techniques & insights into her practice. Her unrelenting hunger for knowledge has driven her to constantly seek out the latest research and regularly attend a wide range of health conferences to ensure she remains up-skilled in her profession and is equipped to treat her clients with the best expertise.

Through the gleanings of Libby’s journey, her clients have enjoyed astounding clinical results as the combination of holistic practice and extensive experience comes together with cutting edge science, Traditional Chinese Medicine and recognized research with the best of nutritional and herbal support.

Now based in the small seaside town of Whitianga where Libby’s roots span 4 generations, she lives with her husband Paul and is fulfilling her dream to empower others to live happier & healthier lives, while continuing to enjoy her own happiness journey- pursuing health, spending quality time with her 4 grandchildren, and living with purpose.

After years of 1 on 1 consulting she now offers a 6-week wellness reset rewire online course making her treatment approach accessible to many more seeking solutions for greater health.

This is My Mission

I believe that we were created and wired for purpose; living in that truth leads to fulfillment, freedom and health. My mission is ultimately to create a culture that understands what true health is, by equipping people with the knowledge and practical application that they need to be empowered to live a healthy, purpose-filled life.